TrackRoom is a mobile app to share your current
location with selective contacts for a set time period.

TrackRooms are very useful to meet up when you go out with a larger group or for meeting at a concert or other large event.
They are also great for hiking, sailing or simply showing how far along the way you are when going to meet friends. No more getting lost.

All your contacts, who have previously registered their mobile number with TrackRoom, will be available to receive invitations. No need to manage your contacts manually!
Each contact invited into a TrackRoom will receive a push notification as invitation. Upon acceptance, the contact’s current location appears on the TrackRoom map and updates automatically.
Use the integrated group chat feature to send and receive chat message via push notification on your mobile phone.

TrackRoom only stores your most recent location – there is no data collection or profiling of your movements! All location data is deleted when the TrackRoom expires!

Create a TrackRoom.

Specify the duration,
name and a short description.

Invite your friends.

See real-time locations of your friends on a map and arrange meeting points. Use the integrated group chat feature to stay in touch.
All of your data is deleted when the TrackRoom expires or is closed (after 12 hours at the latest).

We are 10 young geeks from Hamburg, Germany

<br />We are <span>10 young geeks</span> from Hamburg, Germany

We are a team of 10 young geeks – always aiming for great solutions to make a change in the market of location based services.

The idea behind TrackRoom is to share your location with some of your friends just temporarily in privacy – In times where global players in this market collect your data, we want to make a difference: TrackRooms live for some hours – after that all data regarding a TrackRoom will be deleted permanently from our servers :: to keep your location data private!